• Start: Saturday 7.00 hrs
    Finish: Sunday 19.00 hrs
  • Participation fee
    • Adults: €45
    • G-sporters: €20
    • Children (under 18 years): €15
  • You can also register as a Club or a Team. For this, you need to be with at least 10 participants. You will receive a total discount of 10%. Please contact the TriToChange administrator at
  • Each participant will receive an exclusive and high quality TriToChange T-shirt).
  • Registration goes via the professional Larssie/SQM platform. Payments are secure (Mollie) via Bancontact or credit card.
  • The organisation TriToChange is not responsible for accidents or damage caused to third parties by participants.
Tri To Change - Praktisch
Rules of the Game
  • TriToChange is your first true 2022 appointment with yourself, or with your team! Do you want to start with your first sprint distance? Or are you a seasoned endurance athlete and going for the Ironman distance? Solo, or with your relay team? The TritoChange Multisport Festival 2022 is not a classic race, but rather a warm inclusive sports event with some unique, yet simple rules:

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Tri To Change - Praktisch


This time, you are all winners. But for those who sent in their times, here you go 😉 Big congrats!

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